I come across a lot of people on Snapchat. Some of them I've hung out with at parties and events, and some I've been snapping with for years yet have never had a conversation. With that said, there are a ton of talented, funny and weird people out there, and these are the ones I'd like to share with the world. These are not paid placements— just people whose stories I enjoy. You can add them by opening up Snapchat and aiming your camera at the code below, or by clicking on their Snapcode. Enjoy!


Snapchat Storyteller, Artist, Influencer, The11thSecond Founder
Name: Cyrene Quiamco
Site The11thSecond.com
Instagram @CyreneQ

Cyrene is by far, one of the hardest working people I know. (I secretly suspect she has a clone or two) Back in 2014, she founded The11thSecond, a now extremely popular Snapchat user discovery platform where she continuously gives back to the community. Her stories are infused with fun characters like Ele and she is always coming up with creative, interactive ways to get her audience involved. Cyrene has turned her Snapchatting into a successful career and it's always a joy to see her working with major brands and rubbing elbows on red carpets. 


Snapchat Storyteller, Artist, Influencer
Name: Mike Platco
Site MPlatco.com
Instagram @mplatco

If you are on Snapchat and you haven't heard of mplatco, you are doing it wrong. As one of the first Snapchatters recognized by the media, Mike has continued to push the envelope and has shaped a lot of what we know about Snapchat storytelling. Highly sought after by large brands such as CBS, Disney and, Grubhub, he frequently collaborates with other influencers to create fun and compelling stories. I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Platco and highly recommend keeping an eye on what he has in store next.