Where To Begin

People send me their work every day on Snapchat and I love seeing others become inspired to learn. All I really know is what I've done, and I can tell you what has worked best for me in learning Calligraphy.  Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are extremely helpful when you need examples. A huge part of the process for me has been trial and error. If you're looking for tools and materials recommendations, click here.

I ALWAYS recommend starting off with Italic and or Brush script lettering before jumping into the Pointed Pen styles. This is what I did, and will make you familiar with the general principles of writing calligraphy. For a beginner or expert, The Art of Calligraphy is an excellent book that provides lengthy descriptions and tutorials of all different writing styles. I've included a link below OR you can search Google for a PDF (not linked... you can do that on your own).


Common practice exercise, writing "minimum"

Common practice exercise, writing "minimum"



The Art of Calligraphy (All Styles)

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy Copperplate or Engrossers Script

Script in the Copperplate Style (Free on iTunes)

If you have an iDevice (iPad or large iPhone), open iBooks and search for "Vitolo"  Dr. Joseph Vitolo is an amazing Penman who has built an amazing multimedia book with videos on how to do each letter. He covers everything from holding the pens to the nibs he recommends. 


When learning a style of calligraphy, I do the following:
1. Read and learn the basics of the strokes
2. Practice lowercase alphabets
3. Practice uppercase alphabets
4. Practice pangrams letter/word spacing

Once you get comfortable with the above, start experimenting and finding your own style!


You will probably get discouraged at some point— I certainly do. Much of what I've read says it takes 10 years of continuous practice to get "good."  I don't know about you, but I can't think that far in advance. So until then, be patient and as disciplined as you can be. I see it as a meditation now. Find some artists you like on Instagram and try to mimic their work for inspiration. I'm not saying steal it and repost it, but allow yourself to become inspired. Let their creativity inside your head and influence your work.